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Plans to allow 3m EU workers to stay in UK post Brexit

Proposals to allow around 3m EU citizens living in the UK to remain in the country after Brexit were unveiled by the Prime Minister at a Brussels summit on Thursday night (22 June).

Pragmatic step: Theresa May announces plan for EU workers

Government praised for ‘positive’ rates relief push

The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has issued “clear guidance” to local authorities to help speed up the business rates relief  process for pubs after industry bodies repeatedly flagged concerns about payment delays.

‘Good quality food’ top factor for making a ‘perfect country pub’

Good quality food, attentive staff and a friendly and inviting atmosphere are the three most important factors to make a perfect country pub, according to a study conducted by Elliotts Agency on behalf of Upham Pub Group.

Brexit: Politicians 'cannot deliver for wine and spirit trade'

The UK and EU wine and spirit trade does not believe it can rely on politicians to deliver a Brexit that avoids disruption for the industry.

M&A activity in next few years depends on 'realistic sellers'

M&A activity in the pub sector is still likely over the next two years, although sellers must ensure they have realistic expectations, according to Sapient Corporate Finance founder, Peter Hansen.

National Pubwatch rewards four licensees for fighting crime and disorder

Four licensees have each received a National Pubwatch 'Star Award' for their role in fighting crime and disorder in the late-night economy.

Tiny gin is the new big thing

With gin production and sales still booming, what way will the market will go? The words small, craft and local will certainly be part of the success story.

Shepherd Neame honours its pub of the year

The Belle Vue Tavern in Pegwell Bay, Kent, has been named as the Shepherd Neame pub of the year.

What can publicans do if squatters come calling?

What can a pub do if travellers or squatters simply turn up and camp outside the premises? Any unlawful occupation can be distressing and stressful, but under common law the land owner has a right to evict people to regain possession.

Pub Skills: retain your best staff

Recruitment is a perennial problem for pub employers. But what if your staff wanted to stay, the good ones at least. Improving your employee retention with career growth, training and seasonal worker support is a sure-fire way to reduce your hiring burden.