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Batemans reveals profit fall




Lincolnshire brewing firm Batemans has reported a decline in operating profit after making a significant investment in its marketing and sales drive, to grow volumes.

The company, based in Wainfleet, Lincolnshire, has reported a pre-tax profit of £385,229 in the year to 31 January 2006, compared to £646,214 the year before. Directors' emoluments rose to £688,550 in 2006, from £611,743 the year before.

The brewer stated in documents lodged at Companies House: "A further year of investment in marketing

and sales resource is planned. Making preparations for the smoking ban in public places will absorb significant levels of resource within the retail business."

Batemans saw a 28% rise in its barrelage in 2005, thanks to its marketing drive, and it struggled for capacity in December.

Managing director Stuart Bateman told the MA in January: "In December, there were four weeks where we were at absolute capacity in our new brewhouse."