Booker reports strong sales growth

By The PMA Team , 13-Oct-2009
Last updated on 19-Jun-2013 at 10:59 GMT

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Booker: UK's fastest growing catering supplier

Booker: UK's fastest growing catering supplier

Booker, the UK's leading food & drink wholesaler, has increased its like-for-like sales to catering customers by 12.6% for the 24 weeks to 11th September 2009, driven by a continued focus on choice, price and service.


As a result, Booker now claims to be the fastest growing catering supplier in the UK, having increased sales by over £100 million in the past 12 months. Booker said it is now supplying more caterers because customer ratings for choice, price and service have improved.


The sales increase, coming with Booker Group's interim results, were a strong part of driving overall sales 7.7 per cent higher to £1.6bn. The 12.6% rise compares to an increase of 4.7% in the same period last year.


"Whilst the market remains challenging, we are making positive progress with more Licensees and caterers shopping at Booker," said Ron Hickey, sales director - catering. "We are now the fastest growing supplier to caterers in the UK, with sales increasing by more than £100 million. By continuing to focus on increasing choice, lowering prices and improving our service, I am confident we can keep doing a better job for our independent licensees and caterers."


Booker has increased its choice for caterers with the extension of its exclusive Lichfield Luxury range and Chef's Larder ingredients.


Price has also been a major focus with season-long pricing proving particularly successful with customers, as they can manage their menus knowing there will be no price fluctuation.


The extension of branch opening hours, the roll out of the 'Extra' format and improved delivery, have all helped Booker win more share of customers spend and new caterers. The improved choice and price are highlighted in the new Range & Price Guide.

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