Sanzaru launches new karaoke bar concept

By Becky Paskin, , 18-Mar-2010

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Red Monkey: opening in Clapham

Red Monkey: opening in Clapham

Sanzaru is launching its first venue — an Asian-inspired lounge and karaoke bar — in Clapham this week.


Sanzaru, meaning three wise monkeys in Japanese, has been formed by Rising Star Leisure managing director Steve Kelly, along with local entrepreneurs Jeff Vietch and Toby Cobb.


The Clapham venue, called Red Monkey, is to open on 18 March and is designed to be a "funky yet relaxing environment" for eating, drinking and socialising.


Red Monkey will serve a traditional Japanese Izakayas-inspired menu, featuring a number of small plates and sharing options created by former Sake No Hana chef, Pawel Wiktorek.


Red Monkey's cocktail list will also adopt a traditional Asian theme by showcasing a number of Japanese spirits and fruits as well as contemporary twists on classic recipes.


Karaoke venue


The venue, designed in collaboration with Focus Design, features three state-of-the-art karaoke pods for up to 20 guests each in its basement, providing an entertainment option for parties and cooperate events.


Kelly, whose RSL group currently operates the Underdog bar and diner, People's Republic and the Establishment, said: "An eclectic music policy comprising everything from funk, soul and lounge classics to more obscure tracks from the 60s and 70s, coupled with the some truly innovative food and drink, is all designed to create a laid-back vibe for the 'lounge lizard' within.


"The brand Red Monkey was chosen as both the colour 'red' and the 'monkey' are symbols of good luck and warding off evil spirits in Japanese Shinto and Buddhist culture."


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