Fruit Shoots in Angry Birds tie-up

By Robyn Black , 08-Jan-2014

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A tie-up with Angry Birds, the Finnish video game craze, will kick off a 2014 campaign for the Robinsons Fruit Shoot brand.

The Angry Birds deal positions the brand as

The Angry Birds deal positions the brand as "cool and motivating" for kids.

The partnership will be used to promote the brand’s no and low sugar variants and will feature in a new TV ad for the brand later in the year.

“We’re excited to be the first UK beverage brand to partner with Angry Birds as we know that this activity will really engage our target audience for Fruit Shoot Low Sugar and Hydro,” said marketing director, Jonathan Gatward.

“The promotion is part of our on-going ‘Get Your Skills On’ campaign, which looks to motivate kids to try and learn new skills in a fun and interactive way.”


Online game

In the on-trade bottles of Fruit Shoot will carry a nine-digit code, which will give kids access to an online puzzle: Angry Birds Skills.

The game has been designed exclusively for the promotion and will be available from this month until the end of August.


2014 campaign

“Our 2014 campaign will continue to drive desirability for Fruit Shoot by positioning the brand at the heart of what’s cool and motivating for kids, while also giving parents a reason to buy Fruit Shoot,” Gatward explained.

“The Angry Birds packs will have strong standout on shelf and we’d recommend that retailers and licensees get stocked up to capitalise on the interest this activity will create and the increased demand for Fruit Shoot this year.”

In 2012 Britvic had to recall bottles of Fruit Shoot following fears that a new spill proof “magicap” design was unsafe for children. It was estimated to cost the business up to £25m.

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