Meantime launches 11-beer range “the Brewer’s Dozen" for selected outlets

By Adam Pescod , 17-Dec-2012
Last updated on 19-Dec-2012 at 10:35 GMT

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Meantime Brewing Company, the Greenwich-based craft brewers, are to launch a new range of eleven beers, “the Brewer’s Dozen,” so called because the brewer keeps the twelfth for himself.

Meantime launches 11-beer range “the Brewer’s Dozen

A new beer in the limited edition range will be launched monthly from December 2012 and they will all be available at Meantime’s the Old Brewery and Greenwich Union and a small selection of specialist craft beer outlets.
The first of the beers will be a Jasmine IPA, a dry IPA with the distinct flavour of actual Jasmine flowers, complemented with fruity American hops.
The Jasmine IPA will be followed by an American Quad, a beer containing spicy Belgian yeast, with a rich, velvety malt backbone and subtle hints of dried fruit. From February 2013, the Meantime Cali–Belgian IPA will be rolled out a bold, Californian IPA with a Belgian twist, including citrus and pine needle aromas from the American hops.
The beers will be made in strictly limited batches at Meantime’s microbrewery, and presided over by the Old Brewery Head Brewer John Hidde Driebergen.
Nick Miller, CEO at Meantime Brewing said: “The Brewer’s Dozen represents a huge opportunity for specialist outlets – offering a regularly changing range of beers from a well-known, innovative London craft brewer. We know from our own outlets that there is a new generation of discerning drinkers who demand more sophisticated styles and are willing to pay to experience them.
“We’re making these limited run beers available outside our own outlets for the first time – bringing all our know-how and experience to the range we’ve created. What’s more, we will watch sales of these brews carefully and use the Brewer’s Dozen as a test bed for new styles which, if they’re successful, could go on to join our core range.”

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