Sailor Jerry gets revamp

By Sonya Hook , 04-Mar-2010

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Sailor Jerry: revamped for a

Sailor Jerry: revamped for a

Sailor Jerry Spiced rum has undergone a revamp that will include a new "less sweet" taste.


Brand owner First Drinks said that consumer research showed that drinkers were looking for a slightly less sweet version of the spiced rum, particularly when they were drinking it with sweet mixers such as cola or ginger beer.


By taking the added sugar out of the liquid the taste was also now more rounded and complex, with more of the vanilla and caramel flavours coming through, said brand manager Gemma Adams.


The packaging has also been tweaked to give the brand a less "mass market" feel and to promote the man behind the brand, tatooist Norman Collins.


As a result the Sailor Jerry logo on the front label has been made smaller to make room for a larger version of the hula girl ­— one of Collins' most famous works. The back label is now entirely devoted to Collins and telling the story behind the brand.


"Sailor Jerry Spiced is flying at the moment but, for the long-term future of the brand, we think it's important to build on the legacy that is its inspiration," said Adams.


"This is a really exciting change for the brand and ensures that our future is firmly rooted in our past.


"The new liquid has been extremely well received by bartenders, who have been vital to the brand's success."


The Caribbean rum, which is blended with natural spices, will also be given a new brand ambassador and the company will be investing significantly in marketing activity.


A digital programme will run alongside a series of regional sampling activities at music events this year.


"There are no rules for drinking Sailor Jerry Spiced — just drink it how you like it," said Adams.


"I like to keep it simple; mixed with ginger beer and a squeeze of lime. Many people drink it with cola, and bartenders have been using it to craft their signature cocktails. It is such a versatile spirit."

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