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Heineken launches a lower alcohol Foster's

By Robyn Black , 07-Feb-2013

Radler-style beers are already popular in Europe.

Radler-style beers are already popular in Europe.

Heineken is hoping to create a new lager sector with the launch of a new low-alcohol Foster’s, the PMA can reveal.

Foster’s Radler is a 2% ABV mix of Foster’s and cloudy lemon juice.

Radler-style beers — a blend of beer and lemon — are said to have been invented in the 1920s by German cyclists looking for a refreshing beer to enjoy after a bike ride.

The category has already enjoyed some success in Europe said the brewer, where it comprises 5.8% of the total beer category in Austria, 3.9% in Hungary and 9.1% in Croatia.

“Our research showed that moderation options are missing the opportunity to satisfy the demands of a growing number of drinkers who are currently unable to find a beer product with a lower alcohol content that delivers maximum taste and refreshment,” said brand director Gayle Harrison.

The new beer will launch in March with a £4m poster, print and sampling campaign.

Heineken also confirmed that it will be launching

Foster’s Gold, its “posh” Foster’s variant into the on-trade following a successful two years in the off-trade, and a three month trial in the Walkabout chain.

The company also confirmed that a new campaign for the main Foster’s brand was in the pipeline. The  £7.5m campaign will shift the focus away from the Brad and Dan characters in
a bid to highlight the brand’s heritage.

With the slogan “Refreshing the Thirstiest Men on Earth Since 1888,” a TV ad will launch on 18 February. This will be supported by a raft of on- and off-trade activities in the run up to the summer.