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Carlsberg readies Somersby cider for launch into pubs

By Robyn Black , 06-Feb-2013
Last updated on 07-Feb-2013 at 11:31 GMT2013-02-07T11:31:39Z

The brewer's first cider will be available in bottles or on draught

The brewer's first cider will be available in bottles or on draught

Carlsberg has told the PMA that it will be launching its first cider brand, Somersby, into pubs and bars next month.

The cider will be available in bottles, and on draught for the first time, as part of the rollout, which will be supported by a “multi-million” pound campaign.

“The launch of Somersby in the on-trade is hugely exciting,” said David Scott, director of marketing.

“For our customers it means that they can now benefit from a full range of drinks — beers, wines, spirits, cask beers and now cider — and for Carlsberg UK, it is an exciting sideways step into the cider market.  

The company will be supplying bespoke glassware and PoS to promote the brand in-outlet and says it is confident the cider, which is made in Herefordshire, will perform well against rivals Bulmers and Magners.

“Our research has shown that a lot of consumers find the taste of the current established mainstream ciders in the UK both artificial and astringent.

“In response to this we have developed a cider specifically for the UK market, which has a more balanced taste and contains no artificial sweeteners or flavours.

“Some extensive product research with cider drinkers shows that the Somersby product is significantly preferred to the market leader,” said Scott.

Carlsberg first launched Somersby into the off-trade in July last year.