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Cider industry calls for 'restraint' on duty and regulatory stability

By John Harrington , 30-Jan-2013
Last updated on 30-Jan-2013 at 13:29 GMT2013-01-30T13:29:22Z

Cider: industry leaders are calling for 'restaint' on duty

Cider: industry leaders are calling for 'restaint' on duty

Cider industry leaders have called for “restraint” on duty and regulatory stability to help the industry succeed over the long term.

Speaking at a reception in Parliament, National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) chairman Paul Bartlett said: “Investment by cider makers over many years means we are better placed to succeed over the long-term than ever before.

“In order to secure this opportunity we need regulatory stability, sensible restraint on duty and support in export markets. If we get this, we will do more for the rural communities we are part of and make a greater contribution in terms of duty and tax.”

Bartlett said that in recent weeks cider makers had announced planting schemes that would add over 2,000 acres of new orchards that would add around 20% to the total area dedicated to cider apple production. Investment has also been seen in production infrastructure, new products and consumer communication.

Highlighting the increasing focus on exports, a number of cider makers have also invested significant sums to build their presence in key markets like North America and Australia, he said.

Bartlett added: “In September I suggested to the same audience that cider, as a British success story, had real potential to develop and grow multiple major markets overseas.

“That is starting to happen for cider makers of all scales and we will see significantly more if we can continue to plan and invest for the long-term because we have stability and restraint in the UK.”