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Lighter offering from Aspall Cyder

By Noli Dinkovski , 02-Sep-2011

Aspall: new launch

Aspall: new launch

Aspall is targeting women and first-time premium cider drinkers with a new lighter and “more accessible” alternative to mainstream brands.

With a 4% ABV, Lady Jennifer’s is “fresh, crisp and slightly sweet”, making it an ideal outside summer drink, the Suffolk cider maker has claimed.

The launch continues Aspall’s recent NPD burst, which includes the recent 8.2% ABV Imperial Cyder offering.

Aspall joint managing director Geoff Bradman said: “We are very conscious at Aspall that any NPD should offer genuine innovation and grow, not cannibalise, the cider category. Lady Jennifer’s taste profile and low ABV should attract new drinkers to the premium cider market and encourage further progression within the sector.

Bradman added: “Lady Jennifer’s is named after Mrs Chevallier Guild, the wife of the seventh generation of Aspall founders, who has played an integral role within the business throughout her life.

Mrs Guild’s signature cyder will genuinely help to grow the premium cider market.”

The Aspall’s cider range also includes Premier Cru Suffolk Cyder, Organic Suffolk Cyder, Draught Suffolk Cyder and Perronelle’s Blush. The Draught and Perronelle’s Blush variants are available in both keg and bottled format.