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Orchard Pig enjoys record sales at Wilderness Festival

By Edward Rehman-Wood , 22-Sep-2016
Last updated on 22-Sep-2016 at 10:41 GMT2016-09-22T10:41:02Z

Rock on: Orchard Pig sees record festival sales
Rock on: Orchard Pig sees record festival sales

Cider producer Orchard Pig rocked Oxfordshire’s Wilderness Festival this summer with record sales, after cementing its place as the event’s sole cider provider.

Sales of its canned cider at the festival rose by 70% compared with last year and outsold all other canned drinks, including lager, it said.

The increase in sales coincides with the eight-year-old producer’s three-year sponsorship of the multi-award-winning festival and follows its £10m retail turnover last year.

Heavy presence

Orchard Pig maintained a heavy presence across the festival, which saw its cider flow to the sound of '60s rock 'n' roll and the bluesy folk music inside its own ‘Cider Barn’.

Founder of the cider brand Andrew Quinlan said: “We’re a fairly small fish in a really big cider pond and sponsoring Wilderness was a risk, but it paid off.”

“We’re in a really good place as a company, and driving cider consumption at Wilderness up 17% is a fantastic achievement”.

Volumes declining

Orchard Pig’s success does not hit the same beat of the wider cider category’s drum, with total year-on-year volumes declining by 1.5% and value increasing at just 0.8%. according to Westons’ Cider Report released earlier this year.

In a bid to stabilise cider sales, it has been rumoured producers will knock down prices to account for increased competition from beer, wine and cocktails and to maintain its 7.1% share of the UK alcohol market. 

To help boost cider’s share of the market, Westons outlined six key cider drinking occasions producers should target. They are:

  • Upbeat fun: High tempo, social occasions where cider is drunk by groups with the intention of being social. For some this means standing out from the crowd.
  • Magic moments: Sharing an experience with friends or with a partner, complementing food, at an event, or perhaps outdoors.
  • Discovery occasions: Driven by consumers’ desire to try something new, share the experience and enjoy it all the while.
  • Relax and recharge: Consumers who want to savour the moment and taste, taking time to bask in the company of loved ones and a refreshing beverage.
  • Reliable choice: A ritualistic drink of a familiar cider, centred on relaxation and enjoyment
  • Unwind: When consumers want nothing more than to chill out. These occasions are the most likely to be about staying in control. Often the most self-directed, lowest temp occasions.

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