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Cream gin launched - but it's clear

By Robyn Black , 06-Dec-2012
Last updated on 06-Dec-2012 at 12:41 GMT2012-12-06T12:41:43Z

The gin is made with fresh cream

The gin is made with fresh cream

Online drinks specialist the Master of Malt has launched a cream gin in conjunction with cocktail bar chain Fluid Movement.

Cream gin, a drink of gin, sugar and cream, was popular in the gin palaces of the Victorian era, but this new modern take is clear, with the cream added as a botanical before the spirit is distilled.

“Cream Gin is significantly different in body, flavour, and balance to any other London Dry Gin, and it lends an entirely new dimension of texture to cocktails and a distinct interplay of botanicals to gin-based drinks. This singular gin is certainly the cream of the crop,” said the company.