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Heston Blumenthal TV show puts fun into pub grub

Last updated on 30-Nov-2012 at 11:04 GMT2012-11-30T11:04:27Z

Heston Blumenthal is aiming to put the fun back into pub grub

Heston Blumenthal is aiming to put the fun back into pub grub

Heston Blumenthal will be working his magic on pub grub as part of his new Channel 4 TV series Fantastical Food.

The series see celebrity chef Blumenthal create amazing supersized versions of meals and treats, bringing back the wonder and excitement of childhood food

In next week's episode The Pub in a Pie, due to be screened on 4 December, Blumenthal says he wants to "put the fun back into pub grub", by building a giant, edible pie and turning it into a fully functioning pub.

The episode description states: "For centuries local taverns have provided a wondrous mix of good times, hearty grub and beer that's famous the world over. But pubs appear to be in decline, with around eighteen locals a week shutting their doors for good. Heston visits the Welsh village of Minera, where he plans to put the fun back into pub life.

"He makes a billiard table from cod, tartare sauce and pea mousse with pickled egg billiard balls. He makes a supersized pork scratching big enough to feed the entire village and a customised fruit machine that pays out its jackpot in snacks.

"Having galvanized the villagers into making their own Minera beer, Heston creates a bar-snack beer foam featuring the essence of favourite snacks including Frazzles, scotch egg, honey-roast nuts and scampi fries."