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London's 'smallest' pub hits market

By Lucy Britner , 14-Jul-2006

London's 'smallest' pub hits market

The first pub to operate in Borough Market, London for over 100 years will open next month - and it claims to be the capital's smallest bar.

The Rake will open on 4 August, on the site of a former 19th century pub.

The bar area will seat 44 people and is only 13x7 ft.

Beer specialists Richard Dinwoodie and Michael Hill are behind Utobeer, a company that has been at Borough for seven years.

They founded the Rake and will supply the beer.

Dinwoodie said: "We will always have two cask beers on offer as well as a wide range of bottled beers. We think that offering visitors the chance to relax with a great beer and simple, delicious food whilst shopping at the market is a recipe for success."

The beer menu will include International Beer Challenge 2006 winner Thomas Hardy Ale.

This is the first time in the UK the beer will appear on cask.

Beers from California, Germany and Belgium will feature as well as 100 bottled beers and 10 ciders.