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Scotland to face alcohol tax clampdown


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The alcohol industry in Scotland, including retailer and manufacturers, is to be targeted in a new crackdown on tax cheats.

HM Revenue & Customs said the industry will be included alongside the rag trade and rental property in the south east in a latest taskforce that is expected to recover c£17m. It is expected to recover around £4 million from the alcohol clampdown.
David Gauke, the Exchequer Secretary, said: “The vast majority of people play by the rules. We will not tolerate tax evasion and will crack down on the minority who choose to break the rules.
“It cannot be fair that, while most people are paying the right tax, a tiny minority are not paying what they should. HMRC is on target to collect more than £50m as a result of taskforces launched in 2011-12.”

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