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MEP applauds relaxation of smoking ban in Holland

By Lesley Foottit , 15-Dec-2010

Nuttall: appoves smoking ban relaxation

Nuttall: appoves smoking ban relaxation

Euro MP Paul Nuttall has praised the Dutch government for lifting the smoking ban for more than 2,000 small bars, which comes into force today.

Euro MP Paul Nuttall has praised the Dutch government for lifting the smoking ban for more than 2,000 small bars.


From today smokers in Holland will be allowed to light up in small owner-operated bars that are less than 753.5 square feet in size and have no other staff.


The 280 cases currently going through court for pubs allowing people to smoke inside will be dropped.


UKIP MEP for the North West Nuttall said he was "very pleased that the Netherlands authority has allowed common sense to prevail" and relax the ban.


"We know the smoking ban has had a serious detrimental effect on pubs," he said. "It is absolutely bonkers.


"The way the ban came in was very underhand.


"I hope the Government will take what has happened in Holland on board. I hope it will happen here.


"We should have the option for smoking rooms in the UK, it should be down to the licensee."


UKIP spokesman for the licensed trade and former licensee Nick Hogan said he hoped other European countries will follow suit.


"The licensed trade in this country is in a dire state, with a depressing daily litany of pubs closing despite landlords' best efforts," he said. "It is vital they are given all the help they need.


"Letting publicans have smoking rooms could make the difference between closing and shutting down and I agree with Paul Nuttall that they must be offered a lifeline.


"I believe that the move by the Dutch authorities will be followed by other continental countries and so must we."


Hogan closed his pub, the Swan with Two Necks in Chorley, Lancashire, earlier this week after citing the smoking ban as a key factor.

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