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Sweden to consider VAT cut

Last updated on 14-Sep-2011 at 10:23 GMT2011-09-14T10:23:43Z

Sweden considers VAT for restaurant meals

Sweden considers VAT for restaurant meals

The Swedish Government has proposed cutting VAT for restaurants and catering services from 25% to 12%.

Sweden is the latest country to propose a major VAT cut for the hospitality sector in order to create employment and cut restaurant prices.

The UK Treasury has already refused to consider a VAT cut to 5% claiming the "fiscal challenge" is too great. This is despite French lobbyist Jacques Borel, the man behind the 5.5% VAT cut in France, claiming a VAT cut could create up to 320,000 jobs in the UK.

the Publican's Morning Advertiser (PMA) campaign to get VAT cut to 5% - Thrive on Five - already has the backing of major pubcos and leading trade associations.

More than 3,000 people have signed a petition.

To sign the petition click here .