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Tenanted and leased pubs offered free underage sales training by Westminster City Council

By Adam Pescod , 04-Feb-2013
Last updated on 04-Feb-2013 at 11:58 GMT2013-02-04T11:58:50Z

Training: Westminster offering free courses to tenants and lessees

Training: Westminster offering free courses to tenants and lessees

Tenanted and leased pubs across the UK are being offered free training on underage sales and responsible alcohol retailing by Westminster City Council.

Westminster has recently received BIIAB accreditation after establishing a new training arm and it is offering licensees the chance to acquire a BIIAB Level 1 Award in Responsible Alcohol Retailing.

The council is running two half-day courses at Westminster City Hall on 22 February and 13 March which are part of the Scholars Program set up by SABMMiller and the BII last year.

“This training course is on offer for all of those small businesses that need help and don’t have the training budget,” said Deirdre Hayes, Westminster Council’s service manager for environmental health consultation and licensing. “It is purely voluntary but obviously it is in their interests.

“It is very much a case of giving the industry the tools they need to be responsible businesses. Enforcement is our last resort, and it has got to be our last resort, because it is costly in terms of the council’s resources and it is costly in terms of businesses who want to encourage and we want to flourish.

“We learn as training providers from the industry what the issues are and obviously we will try to help and encourage a good working relationship with all people.”

Licensees interested in the courses should call 020 7641 3161 or email