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Greene King chief Rooney Anand speaks out over alcohol abuse

By Michelle Perrett , 03-Jan-2013
Last updated on 03-Jan-2013 at 16:38 GMT2013-01-03T16:38:28Z

Greene King chief Rooney Anand speaks out over alcohol abuse

Greene King chief executive Rooney Anand has claimed that binge drinking has become a dangerous past time, in an interview in the Daily Mail.

In the interview he claims that the social norms that used to play a part in teaching people to drink responsibility have gone and claims that the industry has to take a responsible stance or it will be demonised.

He also claims that women drinking is “another big difference” and that women trying to drink the same volume of alcohol as men is “foolish”.

He accused the last Government of causing "unintended consequences" by liberalising the sale of alcohol.

“I am no moralist. If you have a great evening, and as a consequence you are tipsy or even drunk, that’s fine, but it is very different from drinking heavily at home before you even go out," he told the daily Mail.

“Some people say it is class prejudice to preach a minimum price for alcohol because it would deny someone struggling to make ends meet their cheap booze, which might be their solace.

But there is a cost to society. A third of accident and emergency admissions are alcohol-related and there is a cost of billions to the NHS at a time when we are supposed to be saving money.”

During the interview he also predicted that times will continue to be difficult for wet-led pubs.

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