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JD Wetherspoon to roll out new customer feedback programme across pub estate

3 commentsBy John Harrington , 07-Mar-2013
Last updated on 07-Mar-2013 at 09:46 GMT2013-03-07T09:46:50Z

JD Wetherspoon to roll out new customer feedback programme across pub estate

JD Wetherspoon is to roll out its first full customer feedback programme across its pub estate.

The managed operator has signed up customer insight agency SMG for the My Pub Feedback programme.

Under the scheme, customers complete an online feedback form using a login code on their receipt. On completion pub-goers will be able to claim a free hot drink with every £5 spent.

The aim is to collect thousands of responses from customers across the country. Wetherspoon’s will receive real-time insights and be able to react accordingly.

My Pub Feedback will run alongside Wetherspoon’s internal pub review programme CQSMA (cleanliness, quality, service, maintenance and atmosphere).

Nick Britten, customer services manager at JD Wetherspoon, said: “My Pub Feedback’s continuous capturing of customer insight will
complement our internal CQSMA programme, so JD Wetherspoon can continue enhancing its reputation
as a provider of great British pub experiences.

“My Pub Feedback will help Wetherspoon remain highly competitive in a fast-paced industry and achieve its main aim of providing the British public with a fantastic environment to enjoy world-class food and drink.”

Jeremy Michael, managing director of SMG, said: “My Pub Feedback will allow Wetherspoon to better analyse the impact of consumer satisfaction on financial performance and respond even faster to consumer trends and customer demands.”

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Visited brair rose at 1300 on Tuesday 28th. Very diaper with staff today. Went up to figure of eight very good staff really friendly

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Posted by eileen hennessy
28 July 2015 | 15h532015-07-28T15:53:11Z

carling .Amstels.

My wife drinks following beer. Becks Veir, Amstel and carling. We were recently told ay our local the baron cadogan in Caversham. that wetherspoons no longer sell carling and Amstels. Last week we went to Torquay on holiday and woe and behold the wetherspoons was selling both Amstels and Carling.
Can you please explain why the baron would stop selling such popular beers. Sadly we wont be back unless carling or Amstels is bought back.:-(

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Posted by Keith Mitchell
27 June 2015 | 11h262015-06-27T11:26:02Z


Stayed at the red lion in Doncaster. The staff (including the doormen) were first class.
Dedication and hard work shines through and it's great to see.
The recreation area is lovely.
Stayed in one of the rooms here and was impressed by quality and cleanliness.
Hotel manager was fantastic in her delivery of duty.
An absolute pleasure.
A must visit place if your in the area

Well done weatherspoons

Barry Hughes

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Posted by Barry hughes
06 June 2015 | 10h402015-06-06T10:40:13Z