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FLVA president Nigel Williams meets Nick Clegg to discuss pubco-tenant issue

By Adam Pescod , 21-Dec-2012
Last updated on 21-Dec-2012 at 14:08 GMT2012-12-21T14:08:16Z

Meeting: Clegg and Williams discussed matters affecting tied tenants

Meeting: Clegg and Williams discussed matters affecting tied tenants

President of the Federation of Licensed Victuallers Associations (FLVA) Nigel Williams met deputy minister Nick Clegg last week to discuss pubco-tenant self-regulation.

Clegg paid a visit to Williams’ pub the Ranmoor Inn, in Sheffield, after the FLVA chief had invited the Sheffield Hallam MP for a pre-Xmas pint.

Williams, said: “We are a traditional pub and pride ourselves on being part of the local community, so we were delighted that Nick took the time to drop in and support us.

“I have had several meetings with Mr Clegg over the last couple of years to discuss and brief him on problems in the tenanted pub sector. On Friday evening he took up my invitation to visit for a pint after his constituency surgery just along the road.

“We naturally discussed the latest progress or lack of it in the industry self-regulation process. I think he has been a useful contact in our fight for change for pub tenants and he can certainly see the damage done to our tenanted pubs in his constituency. We each enjoyed a pint of locally brewed Bradfield Farmers Blonde and a good chat.”

Clegg said: “Local pubs are absolutely integral to the fabric of a local community. That’s why I’m very supportive of any efforts to encourage people to use their local.

“It was great to be able to take up Nigel on his offer and I can vouch for the Ranmoor Inn being an excellent traditional pub.

“What’s more, in Sheffield we are extremely lucky to have a vast range of exceptional locally produced ales to choose from. So we can support our local pub and breweries at the same time.”