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Is the Boobzie the best advert for beer?


Is the Boobzie the best advert for beer?

Snifter’s pals have often wondered how best to combine the twin pleasures of beer and women, and a range of “voluptuous coozies for canned and bottled beverages” has still left some pondering.

The Boobzie (pictured) is reportedly “the perfect accessory for any guy’s hand looking to keep their drink cold and fun”.

Each of the ‘Boobzies’ has a “playful back-story” and “fun facts” such as: hobbies, likes, dislikes, education, favorite colour, relationship status.

One esteemed British beer writer has already cast his view on the Boobzie by tweeting “they’re cheap, tacky, nasty, and set the image of beer back by a generation. Avoid.”

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