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Pubs provide hub for commuters following Vauxhall helicopter crash

By Adam Pescod , 16-Jan-2013
Last updated on 16-Jan-2013 at 12:13 GMT2013-01-16T12:13:13Z

Pubs in Vauxhall have had stranded commuters through their doors following this morning’s helicopter crash which has so far seen two people killed and others injured.

People have been evacuated from the area with Vauxhall Station and other roads closed off by police, and licensees are catering for journalists and those struggling to make it to work.

John Verity, owner of the Vauxhall Griffin, said; “The road is closed outside the pub and children have not been able to get to the school opposite. There are a few members of the press sat on the benches outside who we have provided with warm drinks because it is freezing.

He added: “We don’t have too much concern about trade - no more than when we had during the riots a couple of years ago. We still had a busy pub then even though we were told the rioters were heading down the road. People like to come into the pub and share stories and that will not change.”

Joseph Shaw, general manager at the Black Dog, added: “Breakfast has been a bit busier than usual because people can’t get into work.”

However, he said he didn’t expect the incident to have too much of an effect on general trade at the pub, other than “a few deliveries that are going to be delayed”.

Luke Rosie, general manager of the Fentiman Arms, said the road outside the pub was a bit busier than usual as traffic was being diverted along it. However, he added that he was not anticipating any real trade impact other than possibly “the loss of a few business people at lunch”.