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Robinsons includes units of alcohol on pump-clips

By Michelle Perrett , 24-Apr-2012
Last updated on 24-Apr-2012 at 09:15 GMT2012-04-24T09:15:51Z

Robinsons includes units of  alcohol on pump-clips

Robinsons is taking an innovative approach to promoting responsible drinking by including units of alcohol on its pump clips, pre-empting what it predicts will be a legislative requirement of the future.

The Cheshire brewery claims it is the first to include units of alcohol along with hop details, with the relaunch of its range of beers.

David Bremner, Robinsons director of marketing, said: “Unlike some who want to give their pump clips the same generic outline, our research, carried out directly with licensees and consumers, suggested that we should give each its own personality and look. We’ve taken that to the extreme”.