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Undercover drunk stings confirmed


Undercover drunk stings confirmed

Undercover police will attempt to catch bar staff serving drunks in Manchester and Carlisle.

The MA exclusively revealed that the Home Office was planning sting operations to catch bar staff serving drunks over the Christmas period last month.

One in four police basic command units are expected to take part. Carlisle and Manchester have now been confirmed as active participants following a pilot scheme in Blackpool.

We hope that this initiative works as a deterrent for people who come into the city and drink to excessPhil BurkeManchester Pub and Club Network

Greater Manchester police said that plain-clothes officers will be visiting premises to monitor staff and the people they are serving.

Staff seen serving "irresponsibly" will be issued with an £80 fixed penalty notice.

However, once again no definition of "irresponsible" or "drunk" has been offered.

In-depth checks

Supervisors or managers will also be interviewed, training records will be checked and they may also face fixed penalties if the correct documentation is not in place.

"This initiative is to encourage drinkers to be aware of how much alcohol they are consuming but also to make bar staff and licensees aware of the responsibility the have when serving alcohol to people who have clearly had too much to drink," said sergeant Tim Whittaker.

"We will continue to work with pubs, bars and clubs to ensure that everyone can enjoy a fun, safe and responsible night out while in the city centre, particularly over the festive season."

Phil Burke from the Pub and Club Network added: "The Pub and Club Network supports Greater Manchester Police with this initiative and in the work they are doing to tackle problems with excessive drinking in the city centre.

"We hope that this initiative works as a deterrent for people who come into the city and drink to excess but also makes licensees aware of their own responsibilities.

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