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Weatherproof Outdoor TV brings in a new revenue stream

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AquaLite Outdoor is a trade manufacturer of specialist Purpose Built IP66-rated outdoor displays. Robust, pleasing to the eye weatherproof casings and 6mm toughened glass with an anti-reflective coating allow our screens to deliver crystal clear images, come rain or shine.

Our carefully thought-out Full HD 1080P LCD ranges include the latest screen technologies, such as full LED backlighting, USB/SD card inputs and in-built analogue/digital TV tuners. Such versatile features open up the different application possibilities for end-users, whilst ensuring they have the best screen performance available. Watch HD TV outside in bright daylight or display Digital Signage information, AquaLite is able to deliver entertainment or a revenue stream, or both, all from one canvas.

Applications include use in; Garden centres, pubs, education, outdoor exhibitions, stadiums, Digital Signage, swimming pool and hot tub areas, Yachts, as well as patios and gardens.

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