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Pernod Ricard

For over 200 years, Pernod has been a company with a rich history and an indomitable spirit. It has consistently realised its potential for growth while remaining true to its original values of conviviality and authenticity.

The story of Pernod began in 1805. Born in Switzerland in 1776, Henri-Louis Pernod founded his distillery in the town of Pontarlier, located in the region of Doubs in eastern France. Its name: “La Maison Pernod Fils”. The company produced and marketed Absinthe Pernod Fils, a drink inspired by an elixir whose recipe Henri-Louis Pernod had acquired from its creator, Dr Ordinaire.In 1926, “La Maison Pernod Fils” merged with “Distillerie Hémard”, founded in Montreuil in 1871 by Ariste Hémard, and “Pernod Père et Fils”, founded in Avignon in 1872 by Jules-François Pernod. These three companies came together to create “Établissements Pernod”. This organisation was directed by Jean Hémard, the grandson of Ariste Hémard. 
In 1959, “Établissements Pernod” became “Pernod SA”.

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