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Makro withdraws selected frozen burgers after horse meat scare

By John Harrington , 17-Jan-2013

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Makro, the wholesaler that supplies the pub and restaurant industry, says it has taken a number of frozen beefburger products off its shelves in response to current concerns about horse meat in burgers.

The company said the move was a “precautionary measure” while the suppliers are under investigation.

Makro said: “Makro takes food quality extremely seriously and works closely with suppliers to ensure its products are of the highest quality. We have as a precautionary measure removed from sale a small number of frozen beef burger products manufactured by suppliers currently under investigation for food quality issues.

“We’d like to apologise to our customers for any inconvenience this causes.”

The products under investigation are:
Big Als CKD 1/4lb Burgers 24s (Art No 319606)
Big Als CKD B/E 6oz Burger 2.16kg (Art No 319621)
Big Als CKD B/E 6oz Burger 2x2.16kg (Art No 319612)
Big Als CKD 1/4lb Burger 2x2.2kg (Art No 319603)
HS Beef Burger 80% 48/4oz (Art No 347507)
Unger Burgers 48/4oz 100% Beef Burger (Art No 276940)
Unger Burgers 48/4oz 80% Beef Burger (Art No 276942)
MQ Aberdeen Angus Beef Burger 12x6oz (Art No 268800)
Silvercrest 100% Steak Burger 20x4oz (Art No 289833)
Flamehouse 100% 1/4lb Burger 12 (Art No 350016)
Flamehouse Onion/Mustard 1/4lb Burger 12 (Art No 350018)
MQ 95% Beef Burgers 4ozx20 (Art No 215515)
Flamehouse Chilli 1/4lb Burger 12 (Art No 350019)
Flamehouse 1/4lb Burger 12 (Art No 350016)
HS Beef Burger 100% 48/4oz (Art No 347510)
HS Beef Burger 80% 48/2oz (Art No 34753)

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