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Keep standards and value high at your pub

By Lesley Foottit , 17-Dec-2012

Keep standards and value high at your pub

The idea that value culture is here to stay is a scary one for many operators. While it suits Whitbread’s end of the market , it is much harder for independents and smaller operators to deliver value while still bringing home the bacon. On the other hand, it is the larger companies that are entrenched in voucher culture.

The Taste of the Nation report found that consumers expect all aspects of the eating-out experience to be the same whether they use a voucher or not. They don’t want to compromise; they just want to save money.

It found that Generation Y (aged 18-34), which is the least affluent segment, prioritises value for money above the quality of food and drink, whereas the baby boomers (aged 55-plus) place much more emphasis on quality.

Those resident in London were more likely to prioritise quality over value.

The key is to know your customer, keep a tight rein on GP and, as Flaum says, charge as much as you reasonably can.

That said, it’s Christmas and hopefully consumers old and young will dig a little deeper to enjoy it to the full, while saving a little for the January dearth.