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Licensee's new cheap meals offer

By Lesley Foottit , 22-Aug-2011

Save the pennies: cheap pub deal

Save the pennies: cheap pub deal

The licensee who pioneered the £1 'credit-crunch meals' has evolved the offer to a three courses for £5 deal.


Tony Rabbitts, of Marston's leasehold the Four Crosses in Hatherton, Staffs, started selling £1 meals in September 2008 and was serving up to 500 meals per day.


The pub needed 150 customers a day to break even so when the novelty wore off around six months ago, Rabbitts stopped the offer.


Now, locals can choose three courses from an extensive menu for £5. All dishes are home-made and options include roast of the day; cottage pie; scampi & chips; and liver casserole. There are also several starters and desserts to choose from.


"When we dropped to about 100 customers a day we dropped the £1 deal," said Rabbitts.


"It was really popular at first, but had run its course. A month later we launched the three courses for £5 and are now getting around 150 in on weekend days and 50 during the week. We're at capacity on Sundays and make a good profit from the new deal."


The offer is advertised on boards, in the local paper, and on posters in shops.