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The importance of drawing in the young crowd

By Lesley Foottit , 26-Nov-2012


Foottit: "Snacking is a profitable sideline"

It seems that young people are where the money is, but too many pubs are not catering to the young crowd.

Community pubs where the old boys meet every evening are brilliant, but only as long as it isn’t to the exclusion of new blood.

The Technomics survey revealed that lunch, dinner and plain old drinking are still the most popular pub occasions, again led by under-35s. When 1,000 consumers were asked whether they would visit the pub purely for drinks once a month or more 81% of under-35s said yes and 67% of over-35s.

Dinner attracted 77% of the younger group and 68% of over-35s, while lunch was voted for by 73% of under-35s and 65% of over-35s.

We hear all the time about how the three-course meal is out and all-day grazing is in. That might be a generalisation, but the data from Technomic certainly proves that snacking is a profitable sideline.

Take a leaf out of Jesse Dunford Wood’s book and be among the first to bring back real chicken nuggets and mini meatballs for a cutting-edge bar snack menu. For more of Dunford Wood’s pub food predictions see his latest column.