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Gordon Ramsay closes Devonshire pub

By Becky Paskin, , 29-Jun-2010

Ramsay: pub has not met expectations

Ramsay: pub has not met expectations

Gordon Ramsay Holdings has closed one of its pubs, the Devonshire in Chiswick, blaming the state of the pub industry for its demise.


Having opened in 2007 to a barrage of bad reviews, the Enterprise Inns pub, one of three in the GRH stable, has now closed after failing to meet the expectations of Gordon Ramsay and business partner Chris Hutcheson.


Despite the closure, GRH is reportedly undecided about how to deal with the property. A spokesperson for the group told BigHospitality they were "looking at all options".


"It could be that they do something else with it, they may sell it or add someone else to the lease — there are so many different options."


Struggling pub industry


She added that as a result of the struggling pub industry, which has seen around 4,000 pubs close since 2008, The Devonshire "failed to meet expectations".


"It's obvious the pub market has been struggling and The Devonshire pub has not been meeting our expectations for awhile. We have taken the decision to close it while we consider future plans, as any business would in this situation."


Last year The Devonshire, along with fellow GRH property Sloane Street, mistakenly appeared "For Sale" on the Restaurant Property website, an unrelated incident put down to an administrative error.

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