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AVA strawberries target top-end market


A new branded strawberry with a taste 'reminiscent of time gone by has been launched by a family firm of Scottish fruit growers.

Angus Soft Fruits, based in Arbroath, expects to produce up to 1,500 tonnes of its new AVA strawberry after rave reviews at the Taste of London Show in Regent's Park. It is named after Israeli breeder Ava Issak who grew 120,000 seedlings from which the company made its final selection.

Angus Soft Fruits commercial manager John Gray said: 'The traditional focus on strawberry production and breeding has been very much on yield, appearance and stability, which means taste and aroma has tended to suffer. We want to establish AVA as a premium line so we are looking for a distributor which can service this sector of the market, he said. 'Although the English are considered to be at the forefront of strawberry production, this particular fruit is very much a Scottish product.

'AVA has had a marvellous reception in the trade with many professionals bowled over by the taste, Gray added.