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BII chairman Bernard Brindley criticises Pubs Advisory Service

Last updated on 14-Dec-2012 at 09:53 GMT2012-12-14T09:53:18Z

BII chairman Bernard Brindley criticises Pubs Advisory Service

The first Pubs Advisory Service (PAS) does not go far enough in helping new licensees into the trade, BII (British Institute of Innkeeping) chairman Bernard Brindley has claimed.

A team of trade experts set up a PAS in May , claiming it to be part of the official agreement between the Government and the industry to manage the pubco-tenant relationship.

The PAS offers potential licensees access to advice and help via an online service. Recently team leader Chris Wright said the service was being undermined by the reluctance of pubcos to promote the service.

However, industry groups including the BII are still planning to launch their own advisory service.

Speaking exclusively to the Publican’s Morning Advertiser Brindley said: “Do we think it goes far enough and meets the standards the industry expects? It doesn’t, unfortunately. What we envisage is a PAS scheme where you have advice from a number of solicitors, accountants and surveyors.

"They will have to be accredited under the advisory service and that service will be national. What is out there is not being seen to fulfil the criteria and it needs to be improved upon.”