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Bar staff insider: customer's rights

By Bar staff insider , 15-Feb-2017

No service: refusing to serve drunken customers
No service: refusing to serve drunken customers

When refusing to serve a customer for theirs and your own sake, said customer doesn’t always see it the same way.

When spouting those fateful words: “I think you’ve had enough so I’m afraid we won’t be serving you any more alcohol,” the beer, then wine, then whisky, then Tequila-quaffer takes some offence.

Booze-fuelled beast

After slurring that they are fine while slumped, face first, in a puddle of sticky god-knows-what, the booze-fuelled beast then feels the need to start shouting obscenities to anyone who cares (no one) and threatening to report you.

Feel free because I am in the right you fiend! This continues until it gets to the point when you have to say, “look pal, it’s best you leave.”

Rotating meat emporium

And off they jolly well trot, tail between their legs and on to the rotating meat emporium.

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