Changing focus: supermarket demand has increased after the closure of pubs and restaurants

Can you get another job if you have been furloughed?

While it is hoped that workers across the hospitality sector will be able to return to their jobs within a few months, The Morning Advertiser has taken a look at what options there are for pub staff who have been furloughed.

Coronavirus update for pubs 1 April 2020

Daily bulletin - Wednesday 1 April

The Morning Advertiser editor Ed Bedington delivers a rundown of the latest news for pubs regarding coronavirus including the an update on pub companies cancelling rent and the impact of shut down on the pub property market.

Licensing risk: pubs must not organise or promote private ‘lock-ins’ under coronavirus social distancing measures

Pubs warned lock-ins illegal

Pubs have been warned that it is illegal to host lock-ins under the Government’s social distancing measures and they could risk their licence being revoked.

Opportunity knocks: take advantage of a 'drinks to go' offer

How to launch a 'drinks to go' offer

With Britain in lockdown, delivery services have become a survival kit for pubs during the coronavirus storm. But while it’s one element to focus on food, how can operators ensure the best ‘drinks to go’ offer for their loyal customers?

Difficult processes: there have been calls for banks to make accessing the loans easier for operators

Loan red tape standing in the way of pub security

Businesses looking to borrow less than £250,000 under the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) will now not be asked for personal guarantees but operators are still having to jump through hoops to access the funds.

Got a question? Perhaps one of our advisory board members can answer it

• LIVE – Experts answer your on-trade questions

Have you got a question about your on-trade business that you can’t find an answer for even though you’ve searched online and listened to Boris’s daily updates? Perhaps The Morning Advertiser can help.

Pay cut: BrewDog co-founders and its senior team are reducing their salaries to help protect jobs

BrewDog co-founders forgo 2020 salary

Scottish brewer and operator BrewDog co-founders James Watt and Martin Dickie will be sacrificing their salary for 2020 in a bid to protect jobs at the business amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Waste fears: closing the hospitality trade has meant stock is not being sold through

Campaign stops £2m of food going to waste

Wholesalers and other food bodies have joined forces to prevent produce such as cheese, milk, fruits and meat from going to landfill now the hospitality sector has been shut down.

Stake a claim: Philip Kolvin of Cornerstone Barristers looks at whether insurance companies will pay out

Does your insurance cover you for coronavirus?

With many insurance companies claiming the protection operators took out is unlikely to be valid for a business interruption such as coronavirus, Cornerstone Barristers’ Philip Kolvin looks at whether you are covered or not.

Staff support: Jonathan Neame has said his staff have shown ‘great spirit’ and they will resume their roles in the future

Shepherd Neame puts 85% of workforce on stand-by

Brewer and pub operator Shepherd Neame has announced its plans for staff payment, which includes asking 85% of its employees to not work and a temporary salary reduction for higher paid staff who are still working.

Help taken: St Austell chief executive Kevin Georgel welcomed the financial support package from the Government

St Austell makes no redundancies

South-west-based St Austell Brewery has announced its plans for a temporary staffing structure including not making a single redundancy amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Joining forces: The Morning Advertiser has teamed up with partners to launch #UnitedWeStand

Growing support for #UnitedWeStand campaign

As pressure continues to mount on the challenged hospitality sector, the organisers behind industry campaign United We Stand are delighted to announce soft drinks giant Britvic as the latest supplier to back the cause.

Does it add up? Rangewell wants clarity from the Government over its coronavirus loan scheme

Finance expert’s fears over coronavirus loan scheme

A business finance specialist believes the Government’s Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) may be making the same mistakes that a previous scheme did when it was launched a decade ago during the financial crisis of 2009.

Taking the plunge: what you need to know about providing a delivery service to your customers

How to set up a delivery service

While consumers are banned from visiting their beloved local pub due to the development of Covid-19, could putting your mind to a delivery regime be the answer to surviving these uncertain times?

Campaign: The Morning Advertiser launches #UnitedWeStand with media partners

Trade joins forces to launch #UnitedWeStand

The Morning Advertiser has joined forces with trade leaders and media bodies to help the sector overcome the coronavirus pandemic that has stripped hospitality businesses of jobs and income.

Cash needed: it may be quicker to access loans rather than grants

Accessing support for staff pay during Covid-19 crisis

As the news keeps rolling out around Government support for business owners during the Covid-19 pandemic, it can be hard to keep track of the latest updates while understanding exactly what you need to do to access support.


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