UK Pub Culture: To Vape or Not to Vape?

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UK Pub Culture: To Vape or Not to Vape?

Is vaping permitted in pubs? The “burning “question that everyone seems to be asking.

The simple answer is YES. There are no laws to against it and the decision is down to the landlord/pub operator.

So why have they not taken advantage of this additional revenue stream by selling products?

Some years ago, EI group agreed a deal to stock products in its pubs but unfortunately it never happened. In a recently published article in the MA Pubco Mitchells & Butlers pointed out they area aware there are no health risks but stated they do not allow due to confusion. Another said they did not want big clouds of vapour in its bars, and rightly so, some leave a trail like a Red Arrows fly by.

There is a huge difference between “vaping” and E-Cigarette use to assist quitting smoking.

Its no wonder there is so much confusion, so let’s set the record straight.


The health benefits published by the NHS and PHE on their website both conclude that e-cigarettes are “95% safer than tobacco”. It also states that there is no harm in passive vaping which has previously caused concern. Both websites have full detailed research papers on the subject. You can also see the results of Vaping V Cigarettes here, a must watch.

Devices & Liquids

Mods, Box mods, VG & PG, RTA, RDA etc etc for most people this is all too confusing. iQ Air a device manufactured by Hangsen is engineered for smokers wanting to quit and its unique design means there are no batteries to change, no need to refill, no leakages and its simple to use. Just pop in your pod of choice and away you go, when it has run out just pop in another one.

iQ are currently working with the MHRA to obtain a medicinal license for its new innovative pod system. The iQ range omit very little vapour which disperses almost immediately making it ideal for indoor use. See clip here.

Hopefully this has “cleared “the air and customers and pub owners can now make an informative choice on becoming considerate vape friendly.

The range has been rolled out in bars across the country and customers are enjoying the accessibility to the product when they need it, we’ve all heard the “I only tend to smoke when I drink “line.

We supply a simple to use device, ideal for use indoors, no large plumes of vapour and the product is reasonably priced and will save regular smokers thousands of pounds.

iQ is now giving pub licensees the opportunity to earn revenue by stocking our indoor-friendly e-cigs that promises over 100 % profit for stockists.

With more and more places accepting considerate vaping it has provided a great opportunity for landlords and managers to increase revenue by re-selling indoor friendly products such as the iQ range.

And to celebrate the launch of iQ in the UK Market, the brand is giving away a stocked CDU (re-sale value over £300) to 1 lucky vape-friendly pub. For details, please email or visit

For full Ts and Cs, please click here​​.

iQ is a new brand launched by Hangsen International Group Ltd, after years of success manufacturing e-liquids. The company took a good look at the market for e-cig hardware and realised it was swimming in mediocrity. Low-quality devices made from cheap materials and designed with faulty mechanics were popping up everywhere. Hence, iQ created an e-cig device made from aluminium that withstand years of use, engineered to provide a purer, smoother vape and designed to incorporate the latest technology.

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