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First there was an increase of more than 22% in my monthly Sky subscription, then there was a 133% increase in Premiership Plus matches. Fortunately,...

First there was an increase of more than 22% in my monthly Sky subscription, then there was a 133% increase in Premiership Plus matches. Fortunately, I have already cancelled Sky, but (re story: OFT call over Sky price hike, Morning Advertiser 17 July) is there seriously nothing that the OFT can do to stop this? Sky's move is a blatant misuse of a monopoly situation. I accept that there are other forms of entertainment available, but Sky has a monopoly on football coverage. Sky, which promotes matches by showing crowds of people watching matches in the pub, has created this new culture with its excellent coverage. Sky was, in part, the reason that we could all open early for the World Cup, because football was viewed as a participatory event when viewed in the pub. And now Sky is using this power it has gained to screw every last penny out of the pubs and clubs that subscribe to its services. My regular football viewers (about 15 to 20 for the bigger matches) understand that keeping Sky for nearly £500 per month is no longer worth it. Many have Sky in their houses, and when asked if they would pay an extra 22% per month, the response was a unanimous "no way". The trade should unite and cancel Sky completely. A tall order I know, but that's the only way to make Sky realise it can't keep taking the mickey out of us. Mike Trow The Pig and Truffle Rugby Ahoy! It's time to scuttle Sky "Avast there ye lubbers" ­ are you awake and out of your hammocks? Remember last year when I sent you a series of e-mails from my galleon? Not many seemed to appreciate the significance of On Digital's demise. Well, I bet you do now. Our Sky subs have increased by 22% and our season ticket by 233%. I am pleased to see MP (for Selby) John Grogan is pushing for an OFT probe into Sky's prices ­ well push hard John ­ I advise all of you to "get out of your hammocks and store for war". Pressure your MP to ensure that he or she throws weight behind John's efforts. Last year, the Morning Advertiser informed us that the OFT's file on Sky's financial monopoly ­ abuse that's what it really is ­ was not closed and has helped to make sure it isn't. Don't let our initial fire dwindle until Mr M can sleep soundly again ­ "Cut free the lines and square the yards, recall all crew from leave, make sure your powder is dry and your cannons are ready; harass the enemy from all points o' the compass until ye drum them (Sky) up the Channel as we drummed 'em long ago." I told you to remember Trafalgar ­ Lord Nelson and the beating of Francis Drake's drum, so heed my words, and "take the cat" to that "scurvy knave" that is Sky! Yours, Aye, "Admiral Ball" From the flagship Windmill Inn Sky's limits are blackmail While I find that paying for Sky is an integral part of my business, I feel that it is shooting itself in the foot by not offering different packages to businesses as it does to domestic customers. I, for one, only want the sports channels not the films or music ones, so I cancel Sky during the summer when there is no major football matches. I have tried to get the package that I want, but the inability of Sky to compromise is astounding. Eventually, somebody must see sense and stop what basically is blackmail. John Martin Licensee, Parkside Hotel Prestwich, Manchester Recycling woes hit raw nerve Last week, the Morning Advertiser reported attacks by the Government on publicans for not doing enough to help recycling of glass and other materials. I have tried in vain to persuade our local council to provide us with recycling facilities, and there are no local sites that are practical for us to use. We are therefore forced to pay to have the empty bottles taken away, no doubt to landfill sites, and also to burn empty cardboard boxes. Imagine my disgust when I ordered my regular supply from Coca-Cola & Schweppes this week and was informed that the bottles would no longer be returnable. More waste that the licensee will no doubt be blamed for. We would be only too pleased to recycle both glass and cardboard, if the facilities existed locally, and we are annoyed at being blamed for things over which we have no control. We think it is time that the local councils and central Government co-operated in providing adequate facilities, and that the blame is placed where it belongs... with the manufacturers. They are very keen to sell their products in glass bottles, but are unwilling to re-use or recycle them. We are sending a copy of this letter to Coca-Cola & Schweppes Beverages Ltd for their comments. C and S Roud MBII The Lyneham Inn Farmhouse Carvery, Plympton, Plymouth J20 price hard to swallow Enclosed with my 3 July copy of the Morning Advertiser was a promotional leaflet for J2O that stated: "J2O has a national average on-trade RSP of £1.56". How can any licensee justify this price when our customers can buy J2O in any local supermarket for 58p? Peter Lane Licensee, The Vine Inn Hambledon, Hants

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