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Quick Bite
Quick Bite
Fine Dining by Bernard Matthews has been totally redeveloped, offering caterers a range of new dishes including vegetarian starters, main course...

Fine Dining by Bernard Matthews has been totally redeveloped, offering caterers a range of new dishes including vegetarian starters, main course entrées and desserts.

There are 16 products in the launch range, including Savoury Somerset Brie & Asparagus Cheesecake, Moroccan Crusted Lamb Racks, and Goat's Cheese, Red Pepper and Thyme Tartlet, pictured. For more information contact 01603 872611

SCHOLLER​ is running a free menu promotion to help caterers prepare for the summer icecream rush. The menus feature five of Scholler's most popular flavours: crème vanilla, strawberry cream, chocolate chip, caramelita and the latest - ricotta peach. To receive 15 free menus worth £35, customers have to buy a case of each flavour featured on the menu. Mike Godwin, managing director of Scholler UK, says: "The menus show the desserts in their full glory and have been proven to increase dessert sales by 25%." For more information contact 01483 205500​.

UBF FOODSOLUTIONS​ has recently launched 15ml stick packs of Hellmann's Mayonnaise and Hellmann's Light Mayonnaise. The product comes complete with a dispenser. As well as traditional uses to enhance salads and sandwiches, mayonnaise can be served with a wide range of culinary offerings, including baked potatoes, battered chicken, burgers, chips and wedges, which demonstrates the versatility of the product. This in turn can help to drive sales and increase profitability. Shaking up the world of salad dressings is another new concept from UBF Foodsolutions.

Hellmann's Vinaigrette Mixes are available in four flavours: classic vinaigrette, balsamic, raspberry, and sun-dried tomato. Product manager Clare Barber says: "We wanted to offer the caterer, whatever their skill level, a way of enhancing their salad menu affordably and simply." To support the launch, Hellmann's is giving away a limited number of Hellmann's branded shakers. The shakers have clear measuring marks and caterers simply have to combine the vinaigrette mix with water and sunflower oil and shake and serve. For more information call 0800 783 3728​ or visit

Knorr Herb Pastes have been relaunched by UBF FOODSOLUTIONS​, with new varieties and an easier-to-use format. Product manager Andre Stuker says: "Knorr Herb Paste gives caterers the taste of fresh herbs with the convenience of dried. A new liquid format and softer texture means that the products are now even easier for use in cold applications as well as in hot." The range comprises six varieties: bouquet a I'Italienne, basil, bouquet de Provence, tarragon, fines herbes, and garlic. For more information call 0800 783 3728​ or visit

iB FOOD​ has launched a new range of Italian olives, developed to the company's own specification for the UK market. Preserved in sunflower oil to accentuate the true flavour of the olive, the range consists of seven varieties, including deep green Sant'Agostino, giant green Mamouth, Pasole purple/brown and green Greque olives. For more information call the sales team on 0800 252522​ or visit

EMILE TISSOT​ is introducing three new dishes to its range. Chicken tikka, chicken curry and chilli con carne, are available in a new multi-portion format. All these products are now available in aluminium multi-portion foil trays, making them ideal for serving as individual portions or in smaller portions for jacket potato fillings. For more information call 01952 417776

LYONS SEAFOOD​ has launched a jumbo coated prawn as part of its catering range. The product is a peeled, whole king prawn covered in a light batter, crunchy coating. The prawns are ideal as a starter, with a dip, to accompany a salad or as part of a "surf and turf" platter. The product can be prepared in five minutes from frozen. For more information contact 01985 214565​.

RH AMAR & CO​, importers and distributors of fine foods, has taken on the agency of leading African Foods brand Ukuva iAfrica​. The emerging ethnic food market in the UK has grown by 65% since 1966 and is forecast by Mintel to grow a further 30% by 2005. Ukuva iAfrica is an authentic African brand. The sauces are based on recipes collected by a British chef, Nigel Wood, while travelling through Africa during the mid 1990s. All of the products use high-quality ingredients and feature bright, colourful labels, with easy-tofollow usage instructions and product explanations. For more information contact RH Amar & Co Ltd on 01494 530 200

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