Keeping your chef sweet - how pub owners keep chefs onside

By Andrew Veevers and Zim Sutton

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A look at how pub owners keep chefs onside

Andrew Veevers, and Zim Sutton, of the Easton, London, WC1, and the Princess, London, EC2

Zim: "I think we're nice guys. No-one gets a dressing down unless they're really mucking around. Kitchens can be horrible places to work - people being burned with spatulas and all that sort of thing - but we try to keep our burnings down to a minimum!"

Andrew: "If the staff see that you're putting in more hours than they are and really care, they appreciate it. The staff know that we can do their jobs just as well as them - if not better…"

Zim: "Don't print that bit."

Andrew: "… but I think it makes a difference to their frame of mind. Part of that is that we can share in the difficulties they have in their job and we're not fobbing them off, because we were in there last week doing a shift with them. We have an attitude that people aren't working for us, they're working with us. We try to keep a team

environment by all going out together at weekends."

Zim: "We only fire people when they're really rubbish and they don't gel in the first place."

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