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No Plastic Glasses
No Plastic Glasses
Northamptonshire judge backs campaign to introduce plastic glasses in every venue in Northampton.

A Northamptonshire judge has backed a campaign to introduce plastic glasses in every bar, pub and club in Northampton.

Judge Richard Bray said licensees were putting profits before the welfare of their customers.

According to the Northampton Chronicle the judge made his call after hearing a case in which serious injuries were caused, in a Daventry pub, when a man had a pint glassed smashed into his face.

He reportedly said: "I cannot leave this case without saying this is yet another glassing case and to express my support to the campaign now being waged in this county for the banning of glass in public houses and nightclubs over the weekends."

His honour judge Bray was backing a campaign called "go polycarbonate" which was launched by the local police, local paper, medical professionals and, according to the Chronicle, the local Pubwatch.

It is aimed at making all licensed premises become polycarbonate-only after midnight.

Judge Bray said: "If they brought in plastic glasses, a great deal of suffering, permanent injury and cost to the public could be prevented.

"They are putting profits before the welfare of their customers."

The Morning Advertiser are taking the plastic glass issue all the way to the Prime Minister with an online petition.

To learn more or to get involved, visit this page.

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