Murphy braced for foreign satellite showdown

By John Harrington

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Murphy braced for foreign satellite showdown
The licensee at the centre of the battle over foreign staellite TV has received considerable support from fellow hosts ahead of her High Court appearance today

The licensee at the centre of the battle over foreign staellite TV says she has received considerable support from fellow hosts prior to her High Court appeal today.

In her only media interview before the two-day hearing that starts today, Karen Murphy told the MA about the impact of the past 18 months, in which she has become a figurehead for the foreign satellite legal challenge.

Murphy, of the Red, White & Blue in Southsea, Portsmouth has appealed against a conviction for screening Premiership football usding a foreign satellite system.

Murphy said she had received a number of letters and emails of support. "I had money sent to me as well,"​ she said. "It was £100 from another licensee saying 'good luck girl'.

"Ninety per cent of people seem to be in my favour - mostly other licenses who object to paying such a high fee to watch football.

"My customers don't get to watch football in their local any more. They are 100% behind me."

Strangely calm

She said she was "strangely calm"​ before the High Court hearing.

"Coming up to the last week at the Crown Court I was very sleepless and worried.

"I kind of got used to it. I think the Crown Court experience made me stronger. I was quite nervous. I know what to expect now, I think."

Murphy - who will not speak in person at the High Court, unlike at the Crown Court - expects a repeat of the media interest she experienced after her last court visit.

"I did dread it last time. Within a space of a week I had every film crew down and every newspaper on the phone, but I managed to get through that.

"I think I did alright."

Pub takings plummet

Takings on match days are around 25% what they were before she stopped using the foreign satellite system at the start of the year.

The licensee has hired a manager while she works full time as a restaurant manager to increase her income.

Murphy has also moved out of the pub as the manager now lives there.

"I can't show football so I don't get the football crowd."

The MA will be reporting throughout the day on the landmark case. Check back here for updates later.

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