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...the reality is that time pressures, skill levels and staff costs do not always allow for this. Claire Sullivan, marketing director of Unilever...

...the reality is that time pressures, skill levels and staff costs do not always allow for this.

Claire Sullivan, marketing director of Unilever Foodsolutions, suppliers of the Knorr brand, says: "Pubs sometimes need a helping hand and for years we have been working towards providing the best range of sauces, stocks and bouillons to meet the needs of all chefs."

With consumer tastes always changing, recipes need to be regularly reformulated and improved. The issue of nutrition has also moved up the news agenda as politicians debate measures to make the nation healthier.

"We're taking steps to help caterers alleviate consumer concerns towards unhealthy food, " says Claire. "By understanding the current and future needs of both caterer and consumer, we deliver products and services that reduce back of house complexity, improve uptake and quality of nutritionally balanced meals."

The Knorr Paste Bouillon range has recently been revamped. Without compromising on taste and flavour, the new recipe meets Government salt reduction targets. The bouillons can be used from the jar. All are suitable for a gluten free diet and contain no added MSG, no artificial colours or hydrogenated oils.

The entire range of Knorr prepared sauces, including Indian, Italian, Americas and Oriental cuisines, has also been reformulated.

Ray Lorimer, executive chef and controller, Unilever Foodsolutions, says: "Oriental and Asian cuisines have always featured high on the most popular dishes list. People are always looking to try something different.

"Feedback from our customers suggests that people want dishes with ethnic elements, such as salads, dips and skewers made with Oriental and Indian sauces - although traditional meals such as sweet and sour prawns and chicken tikka masala, are still in demand."

The range of sauces includes korma, tikka masala, sweet & sour, black bean, bolognese, tomato & basil and sweet hickory BBQ, This gives pubs at all skill levels the confidence to serve consistent, popular dishes.

Chef and publican Marco Pierre White has endorsed the newly reformaulated Knorr Stock Reduction range, which takes away the chore of boiling down bones, vegetables and herbs. It contains reduced meat stock or vegetable juice to create a jelly product that spoons easily from the jar, dissolving quickly into boiling water or when added straight to the pan.

Nick Parnell, Unilever's business development chef comments: "With a great stock, pubs can afford to use cheaper cuts of meat in their dishes to maximise profit in this difficult economic time. Using stock reduction, meat can be braised for longer, creating a more intense flavour.

For quick dishes with an appeal to customers looking for a wholesome meal suitable for the chillier weather, two recipes from Marco Pierre White - mushroom risotto and steak with wild mushrooms - are available at

With fresh, natural dishes in vogue, Knorr Clear Bouillons are aimed at chefs who want to keep their sauces and soups natural in colour. The bouillons maximise the flavour of even the palest and most delicate dish, and are ideal for white sauces, clear soups and veloutés.

For the right finishing touches the Knorr Concentrated Finishing Bouillon range makes soups, sauces and gravies, as well as adding a final dash of flavour and colour to any savoury dish.

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