Scots trade chief blasts pub patio 'wind tests'

By Gurjit Degun

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Wind test: bureaucracy gone mad, says SBPA
Wind test: bureaucracy gone mad, says SBPA
A Scottish trade chief has slammed a council's decision to ask licensees to carry out regular "wind assessments".

A Scottish trade chief has labelled a council's decision to ask licensees to carry out regular "wind assessments" as part of its licensing conditions as "bureaucracy gone mad".

Pubs and restaurants with pavement seating in Edinburgh have been told to check the weather regularly by using a chart drawn up by city council officials.

It says that a "strong breeze" of 25-31mph can be indicated by "larger tree branches moving", while a gale, at 39-46mph, would be indicated by "whole trees in motion and resistance felt when walking against the wind".

The rules have been sent to businesses that apply for table and chair permits.

It also wants pubs to make sure that parasols, gazebos and canopies are put up properly with the correct weights.

"This is council bureaucracy gone mad," said the Scottish Beer & Pub Association chief executive Patrick Browne. "This seems to be more about the council making work for itself than it is about public safety.

"I am not aware of any concerns ever having been expressed about this issue and no operator would put out tables and chairs in adverse weather.

"Operators in Edinburgh already arguably pay too much for the privilege of having outside seating areas and this is an example of why that is the case.

"It demonstrates just how much needless paperfilling businesses in Edinburgh have to do just to trade."

The council spokesman said: "After an incident in 2008, when a member of the public got hurt by a parasol, the council needs to ensure people are safe. We understand if it's gale-force 10, no-one will want to sit outside anyway and pubs are unlikely to put up parasols."

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