WaverleyTBS debtors dispute Deloitte payment demands

By Gurjit Degun

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WaverleyTBS debtors dispute Deloitte payment demands
Licensees have hit out at the way Deloitte is collecting money from them following the WaverleyTBS fallout last year, with concerns that some may be over-paying.

Last month, the Publican’s Morning Advertiser reported that businesses in debt to the drinks supplier when it fell into administration are being forced to pay their debts within seven days or face legal proceedings.

WaverleyTBS was owed £26.5m by trade debtors at the time of its collapse.

Timothy Boon, of the White Lion in Bury, near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, claims that the “mismanagement of the matter may have cost some debtors hundreds of pounds, if not more”.

When he received a letter from Winterhill Largo, the debt collector appointed by administrator Deloitte, he realised that the balance did not deduct bonus points accrued through a loyalty scheme with WaverleyTBS.

After contacting Winterhill Largo, he had £575 knocked off his bill.

Boon said: “Luckily, we were aware that we were in credit in respect of our bonus points discount. When we informed Winterhill Largo that we should have had the credit off-set against the debt, the demand was reduced.”

He added: “How many of WaverleyTBS’s debtors were not aware of any bonus points credit due to them, and paid the total demand?”

Boon is now waiting to hear back from Deloitte about whether the £575 included VAT.

Another licensee, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Publican’s Morning Advertiser that he has been unable to reclaim the balance of his points, which he believes is around £1,000. He thinks he may have to take legal action.

Deloitte was unable to comment.

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