A bed fit for a beer-lover

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A bed fit for a beer-lover
Snifter knows a few people who enjoy climbing into a mash tun now and again, so imagine how they must feel about the opportunity to sleep inside a giant beer barrel.

As reported on psfk.com​, the Beer Barrel Room at a bed & breakfast in Ostbevern, Germany use barrels from the local brewery as furniture.

The Beer Barrel Room is actually one of three ‘beer rooms’ in the B&B and features a barrel used for over a century to deliver Pott’s malty beer.

Snifter is reliably informed that sleeping inside the barrel is like a “cozy bunk bed”, and that there is another barrel on the site which has been converted into a sauna.

Maybe that will give the impression of being inside a mash tun whilst it is actually in operation.

Either way, Snifter knows where he’ll be taking his other half for Valentine’s Day. She’ll be delighted.

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