Inquiry launched into new EU Alcohol Strategy

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The House of Lords will debate what should be included in the new strategy
The House of Lords will debate what should be included in the new strategy
The House of Lords is urging the pub sector to give its views on a new EU Alcohol Strategy.

A committee has been set up to consider what should be included in the new strategy, which is due to run from 2016 to 2022.

The first strategy ran from 2006 to 2012 and focussed on five priorities: protecting young people; reducing injuries and deaths from alcohol-related road accidents; preventing alcohol-related harm among adults and reducing the negative impact in workplaces; educating people and raising awareness of the impact and dangers of alcohol abuse; and developing and maintaining a record of similar cases across the EU.

Now anyone with “relevant experience or expertise” has been asked to suggest priorities going forward.

Brigid Simmonds, chief executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said she would be responding to highlight initiatives already being undertaken, such as the Responsibility Pledge

She said: “We will also look to gather support for EU action that would encourage consumers towards lower-strength drinks like beer through the tax system, and highlight the benefits of self-regulation and partnership working. Binge drinking, underage drinking, and alcohol-related crime have all fallen sharply in recent years, so partnership is the right approach.”

The deadline for submitting written evidence is Friday 19 September.

Submission form for EU Alcohol Strategy Inquiry

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The old trick

Posted by The way Forward,

Ah David. I note that you have played the old "xenophobic" card. Usually played when a debate is lost?

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Posted by david,

The 6 questions listed in the Inquiry document look like (erh . . . ) questions to me. The first even asks whether there should be another EU Alcohol Strategy. To me, that all seems pretty sensible, democratic and the kind of thing national governments are elected to do. You see, I don't regard co-operation and exchange of ideas with other member states as a threat.

But on the greater fear of a threat from the Transmanche region, thanks for the 'heads-up'. If you're right and the UK has indeed been annexed by those cunning Belgians and Frenchies, I'll see if a few of the locals down the pub tonight can band together and flush out any collaborators. They won't get far with their evil plans.

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Posted by Robert Feal-Martinez,

180 million or so voted for parties who advocate Sovereign Democracy, that is not xenophobic.

I guess you've not heard of the Trans-Manche region MR Taylor, we are the annexe.

That said this is about a further set of Directives to deal with what is commonly regarded as a UK problem, ergo we should deal with it ourselves.

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