BBPA launches website to strengthen campaign for beer duty cut

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Brigid Simmonds: 'I hope as many people as possible send a message to their MP about this vital issue for beer and pubs'
Brigid Simmonds: 'I hope as many people as possible send a message to their MP about this vital issue for beer and pubs'
The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has launched a website providing new data on the positive impact of beer and pubs on jobs and the local economy, to make a compelling case for a third cut in beer duty in the Budget.

The website,​, allows campaigners to easily access figures for Parliamentary constituencies, local council areas and the UK’s nations and regions.

It also features an “email your MP” tool so supporters can lobby their local representative for a beer duty cut just by inputting their postcode.

Another tool called “Be the Chancellor” allows users to see how many jobs would be created with any cut in duty and how it would affect the price of a pub pint.

The new local data on the site is based on a recent report by Oxford Economics for the BBPA that shows 870,000 jobs depend on British beer and pubs and almost half (44%) are younger workers under 25. It also claims that beer and pubs add almost £22 billion to the economy each year,

BBPA chief executive Brigid Simmonds said: “Joining the campaign for a third cut in beer duty is easier that it has ever been before. I hope as many people as possible visit the website, use the huge amount of local information available, and most importantly send a message to their MP about this vital issue for beer and pubs.”

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Posted by Interested Observer,

I would very much doubt whether there are many FOT publicans who buy at Carlsberg list prices. That statement says nothing either way about the passing on of duty cuts.

I would suggest that neither you nor I will ever see the Tesco / Carlsberg agreement.

There is evidence that brewers do pass on the duty cuts; I've provided some which is still in the public domain, but which you seem not to accept. I will never be able to show that every brewer, including the minnows does so.

If we get another cut this year, I must remember to save all the evidence that we will see in the few days following the budget for when you return to denial mode this time next year!

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Interested Observer - you are still not 100% factual

Posted by Anti-Pub Self Regulation,

Interested Observer - do you think that all FoT publican buys at Carlsberg list prices? It would be cheaper for them to buy from Punch or Enterprise "tied" pricing.

There are confidential supply agreements between brewers and their customers. Some may take into account duty; some may not.

As a challenge why don't you obtain the TESCO supply agreement with Carlsberg. If there is a duty cut, I am fairly certain that Carlsberg will use it to restore margin. TESCO are currently selling Carlsberg, normal pricing, at 0.59 a pint excluding VAT.

So if you have access to these agreements, for example, then you can support your statement that brewers pass on the duty cut. Otherwise you cannot do so.

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Posted by Interested Observer,

I don't follow what you're saying. The net price paid in the free trade is what it is. It tells us nothing either way as to whether the duty cuts were passed on.

Carlsberg reduced their list price last March (24th)

If a publican supplied by Carlsberg remained on the same per barrel discount immediately before and immediately after 24 March his net invoice would decrease - by £2.36 per barrel in the case of Carlsberg Standard.

And Heineken in 2013 here:

say "We will pass this duty saving on to ALL (my caps) our customers as soon as it becomes effective."

I suppose the conspiracy theorist might say they were lying of course!

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