57% in favour of introducing smoking rooms in pubs

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Bringing smoking back to UK pubs was backed by Nigel Farage
Bringing smoking back to UK pubs was backed by Nigel Farage

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More than half think that pubs should be allowed private smoking rooms according to a survey released today.

Of the 2,000 surveyed, 57% said they believed anti-smoking laws have gone far enough and should even be amended.

Simon Clark, director of Forest, a campaign against tobacco regulations said: “We’re constantly told this is a dead issue but this survey highlights a demand for smoking in pubs. It’s clear there is substantial support for designated smoking rooms in pubs and clubs.

“No landlord or proprietor should be forced to accommodate people who want to smoke but they should have a choice. It’s time the government reviewed the impact of the smoking ban on pubs and local communities and considered an amendment to the existing legislation.”

A call for well-ventilated smoking rooms was one of Nigel Farage’s stand-out election promises in the UK Independence Party’s manifesto. The party named the smoking ban as one of the driving factors behind 6,000 pub closures.

A report carried out by Action on Smoking due to be released tomorrow is expected to call for  further regulation in the form of banning tobacco displays and introducing standardised packaging.

Around 10 million adults in the UK are smokers, with those aged 25-34 most likely to light up. 

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Posted by Robert Feal-Martinez,

Are still at, but now it's Ecigs, they are trying ban them in enclosed public buildings, as a health issue, when the majority of Medics see them as an aid to quitting.

Ironically this has been announced on the same day that the MOD has reversed it's ban on submarines, because they are an aid to quitting.

Now yopu can't get much more enclosed than a submarine.

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Thank you New Labour

Posted by Jezza Clarkson,

It was New Labour who introduced the smoking ban along with the revised opening hours. Their actions caused numourous pubs to close with loss of jobs, loss of home and loss of local revenue not to mention the loss of a community facility.
It should have been and still could be a matter of market forces and choices.

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